Unity 5 Roadshow Event in New York City

Whether you’re new to Unity or already an expert, come join the Unity 3D evangelist, Carl Callewaert, in New York City as he travels around the Americas showing you what’s new in Unity 5 and teaching you how to make a game using Unity 5 beta.

What you’ll be discovering from Unity 5:

  • Awesome new physically-based shaders
  • Real-time Global Illumination across high-end mobile, desktops, and consoles
  • Amazing audio
  • A 64-bit editor
  • WebGL and much more

With Unity’s services you will also learn how to:

  • Grow your community with in-game video recording sharing with the simple integration of Everyplay
  • Get more players by video cross promotion and game Ads
  • Perform fast multi-platform builds in one click with the use of Unity Cloud Build

Following the Unity 5 lecture you’ll learn to create a simple 3D game with Unity from start to finish. A separate track to help you port your game to the Windows Platform will also be available.

Unity 5 Roadshow –  NYC

Come join us at the event and learn more about Unity 5 or port your game to Windows or Windows Phone.

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