Programming Resources for High School Students


It is no question that when I was in high school, I was a geek and was programming a Commodore 64 computer and making games.  It was a great little platform but I had to do a lot of it myself.  I did not have any resources to help me do it.  I didn’t even have a compiler.  Today there are a number of ways to get into programming today and it is even taught in many high schools.  Here are a few resources that are available to students today to get started in programming and game making.


Links for software

These are either free or have a free version.

Visual Studio Community Edition and Free Source Control –

DreamSpark –

Construct 2 –

Construct 2 samples templates and training –

Construct 2 tutorials online –

Unity 3D –

Unity 3D live training –

Archive of Unity Live trainings –

Paint.Net (free painting program with most features from Photoshop) –

Web version of Video Game Name Generating (my windows 8 and phone apps are listed at the bottom of the page) –

IconMaker (free Windows 8 app to make icons for Windows 8 / Windows Phone apps) = Store Link

Audacity (free sound editing software) –

Syncfusion Metro Studio (another free icon/image building app (win7 compatible)) –


Links to Sounds and Images

AudioJungle (free and paid sounds) –

GraphicRiver (free and paid images) –

Microsoft Virtual Academy – free online training videos on many of these topics listed above –



Today it is easier and easier for kids to make games of their own.  There are many tools and systems to allow you to make games that can even be published where you can start making money doing that.  There are many colleges that also have four year degrees in game making as well as graduate programs.  I will be talking about teaching game programming to high school students at PAX East in Boston on Sunday March 8th.


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