Certification Presentation

This week I gave a presentation on Microsoft certifications. I currently have 11 certifications and wanted to share some ideas to help others get their certifications as well. With the job market like it is, we can all use a boost up to help us. Here is the presentation for all to enjoy. If you […]

Get On the Bus!!!

The Microsoft Learning group is traveling to 12 cities around the country and inviting certified people to join them. Learn all about it by clicking on the image above. I wish they were abit closer to me so that I could meet up with them as well. Oh well, have fun meeting them and maybe […]

Linq and Serialization

I have recently been starting to use Linq and Linq-to-SQL more and more. I am liking alot of things that Linq has to offer, but there are a few things that are strange. I had some issues with serializing some Linq classes using the WCF DataContractSerializer class. The classes that I have a fairly complex. […]