Shrinking Silverlight

One thing that is interesting about Silverlight 2.0 is that it makes a xap file which is really just a zip file. One thing that you can do to make a smaller xap file is to unzip it and rezip the files using your favorite zip program. On one app that we are working on, […]

Silverlight 2.0 beta2 is out!!

Last weekend Silverlight 2.0 beta 2 was released by Microsoft. Overall it has some nice features like the new tab control, but existing Silverlight 2.0 beta 1 code might need a few changes to get things to work. One things that I wanted to tell people about is the SDK is be a pain for […]

Silverlight Streaming and Isolated Storage

Microsoft is really pushing to enhance their presence online with Silverlight. A service that they provide for people is part of the site. Microsoft Silverlight Streaming is a Silverlight app and media hosting site that Microsoft provides with 10G of online space. This is a free service from them. With Silverlight 2.0 beta1, the […]

Silverlight Gaming

Microsoft has a site that make creating Silverlight project mashups very easy. They just announced a new addition to Popfly that allows people to make game mashups. They have a bunch of templates that people can start with. The core of the games are Silverlight. You can even get to the XAML code and manually […]