.NET 3.5

WPF Splash Screen

One thing that many people write for their programs is a small dialog that loads up when you start your application. Sometimes this is just an image file and other times it might show you the progress of the app loading, or even something else. Well now WPF applications can have a simple splash screen […]

Thank you .NET!!!

I have been playing with a new iPod Touch and a Mac Mini to develop some applications for the iPhone and iPod. All I have to say about it is Thank You .NET!!!!! I have been a programmer for…. over 20 years now and have taught college, co-authored a SQL Server book and now I […]

Linq-to-SQL and Derived Classes

LINQ is a nice new data technology that really provides alot of functionality. LINQ-to-SQL is a version of it that talks to a SQL Server database and will generate classes for you to use. I had a small problem that took a while to figure out that I wanted to share. I had a class […]

Run .NET 3.5 SP1 from Network Drives

It looks like Microsoft has finally got it where managed code to be able to run from a network drive. Here is some more info on it from a Microsoft blog. http://blogs.msdn.com/vancem/archive/2008/08/13/net-framework-3-5-sp1-allows-managed-code-to-be-launched-from-a-network-share.aspx

VS2008 SP1 Released

Well the time has come and the long awaited VS2008 SP1 has been released to the MSDN subscriptions. I downloaded this and installed I on my main system and want to share my experiences. The downloads are iso file, so they will have to be burned to a dvd or you will have to use […]

Free Linqpad Application

Linqpad is a nice little app that will replace your favorite SQL management studio for many tasks. This little app has no installer and is just a single exe that gets downloaded and run. It even has an updater built in to make sure that you have the latest version. This powerful little tool can […]

Exam 70-536

I recently passed my first Microsoft Certification Exam – Exam 70-536: The .NET Framework 2.0 – Application Development Foundation. I thought I’d blog a bit about my experience preparing for the exam, lessons learnt and the exam in general. The Exam The 70-536 exam is a gateway exam of sorts for most .NET Developers looking […]