Linq-to-SQL and Derived Classes

LINQ is a nice new data technology that really provides alot of functionality. LINQ-to-SQL is a version of it that talks to a SQL Server database and will generate classes for you to use. I had a small problem that took a while to figure out that I wanted to share. I had a class […]

Free Linqpad Application

Linqpad is a nice little app that will replace your favorite SQL management studio for many tasks. This little app has no installer and is just a single exe that gets downloaded and run. It even has an updater built in to make sure that you have the latest version. This powerful little tool can […]

Free C# Ebook

I found a link to a new book that Bruce Eckel is working on. It is not the entire book, but just a preview of it. It is covering C# 3.0 and somce Linq expressions. Let me know what you think about it. I might do a full review later.

Linq to SQL Setup Problems

I wanted to post this finding that took us a while to figure out and resolve. We are starting to use Linq to SQL in a new project and adding it to an existing Visual Studio setup solution. When this project was added to the setup solution, the project built but it reported a build […]

Free Linq E-Book

I go to alot of Microsoft events and they give out alot of books. Well Microsoft Press is giving out an e-book of Introducing Microsoft Linq. Here is a link to the free e-book. Enjoy. Free Linq E-Book