Xamarin.Forms Book – Second Preview

Xamarin has announced on their blog that the second edition of the Xamarin.Forms book that Charles Petzold is writing is available.  All of the source code in the book is also up in a GitHub repository and available for download.  They are targeting having a new chapter out every week until the book is finished. This version […]

Microsoft Visual Studio vNext and Azure Virtual Event

Microsoft is having a large virtual event starting on Wednesday November 12.  This will be talking about the next versions of Visual Studio and Azure and more. Starting on Wednesday, November 12, join industry leaders Scott Guthrie, S. “Soma” Somasegar, Brian Harry, and Scott Hanselman live from New York as they share insights about new technologies […]

Teaching Kids C#

This summer my group AppRochester did a great event teaching kids how to use Construct2 to make games.  And now, PluralSight has come up with a series of videos to help teach kids using other languages.  The first language/tool created for this was App Inventor to make Android applications. The next one was a visual coding […]

WP7 Video Lessons

I am going to start recording some short video tutorials on programming for WP7. There are many different things that I have done on a WP7 that could be good lessons for others. I am also going to look to my group AppRochester to make some videos and blog posts for other platforms such as […]