App Showcase


Just wanted to let you know about a new game as well as a really nice DevRadio episode about the making of the game. Here is a direct link to the episode: About this Video: Stacey Mulcahy welcomes Mike Christatos and Andy Wallace from Golden Ruby Games as they discuss how they created “WormRun” […]


I get a lot of packages delivered to my house, especially this time of year when we are all ordering presents online.  I needed a nice little app that can track packages easily.  I found Packed.  No need to know what carrier your number is for, just enter it and go! Keep track of favorites, […]

Snow Day

With all of the snow hitting the country I wanted to share with everyone a new game available for Windows Phone 8 to celebrate – Snow Day. This is a fun little game with all of the excitement for kids that they might have a snow day.  You can definitely be clicking like crazy to get a […]

Coffee Anyone

Trilogy Software is local to Upstate NY and has a very interesting game in the Windows 8 store called “Coffee Anyone?”  It is a nice little game and is coffee related for those that LOVE coffee.  You need to catch certain types of coffee beans and donuts.  It works for both mouse and touch screens.  […]

The Puppy Eat

This application was created during a two day hackathon at RIT.  It is a twist on a traditional dropping object game.  The object get as many puppies as possible in 60 seconds.  If there is a green puppy, you can get extra time or even get a power-up to make you invincible.  The red puppies […]