Month – January 2014

Requirements are Important

One thing that is very important, or should be to software developers is requirements.  This SHOULD be what defines what you should be making.  Even on your own projects, there should be some sort of requirements.  For students, it’s the assignment that the instructor gives.  For professionals, it is either the written requirements or the […]

Candy + Apple = Oops, Too Soon

This is a horrible story of bad trademarks and gaming.  I am releasing this post on the first day of the Global Game Jam to warn and provide insight for developers.  The company that published Candy Crush Saga (I will not link to the game) applied for a trademark on the word Candy.  Yes, CANDY!!!  Wait, it does […]

App Naming

Developers tend to be straight forward in how we name things.  Sometimes, we have a hard time coming up with an interesting app name.  For gaming, this is why made my Video Game Name Generator apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.  It comes up with some great names/ideas for games, but what about your […]


I do a lot of presentations for both Microsoft as a Senior Technical Evangelist or at RIT as an adjunct faculty member.  I look for new technology and cool gadgets to use for those presentations.  I had a talk with my friend Peter Traeg one day and he introduced me to a Miracast device from […]