Month – October 2013

Form POST using HttpClient

My group has been doing a lot of work on taking APIs from various places around the internet and creating sample apps for them.  You can find the samples here Many of the starter kits are using the HttpClient class to get data from the services.  All of the various services just used a […]

Teaching Kids C#

This summer my group AppRochester did a great event teaching kids how to use Construct2 to make games.  And now, PluralSight has come up with a series of videos to help teach kids using other languages.  The first language/tool created for this was App Inventor to make Android applications. The next one was a visual coding […]

New App – Video Game Name Generator

I have recently published a new app for Windows 8.  This is an app that will create random video game names for you to use.  This could be something that is used in a hack-a-thon or even for instructors to create interesting names for sample apps. The functionality for the app is the same […]