Month – April 2012

Azure Tools

I was reading some things on Azure today and found links to a couple Azure tools.  One issue is that the MMC plugin will only install if you have the Azure SDK 1.4 installed. Well, the SDK is up to 1.6 now so it won’t install.  But you can keep an eye on it for […]

WP7 Video Lessons

I am going to start recording some short video tutorials on programming for WP7. There are many different things that I have done on a WP7 that could be good lessons for others. I am also going to look to my group AppRochester to make some videos and blog posts for other platforms such as […]

Azure Prices Falling Again

I am abit slow in this but I wanted to post that the prices on Azure have dropped again. Microsoft is keeping the rates similar to what Amazon is charging for AWS. I highlighted the areas below where the prices are dramatically different then before.  With this an extra small compute instance is now […]

New CodePlex project release

I thought that I had release my Kinect voice control demo on CodePlex, but someone posted a message that they were waiting for the release. This is a sample of both a PowerPoint plugin and how to do voice recognition with the Kinect. It was developed for a demo for a couple of user […]