Best App a Month Contest Winner – Rochester

I want to remind everyone that we are still having the Best App a Month contest in Rochester.  We are giving away a Dell tablet to the best Windows 8 app submitted from the Rochester (Western and Central NY) area for the months of March-June. We have a winner for the BAM Rochester in […]

BarCamp Rochester

It is that time of year again – BarCampRoc – Rochester’s Geek Unconference.  On Saturday April 19th.  Check-in begins around 10:00am, with the first presentations starting at 11:00am.  It is at this unconference that I first met Todd Bernard and we started AppRochester. There have been talks on technical topics, learning to pick locks, demonstrations on […]

Welcome Cortana!!

Today, there is a preview of the new Windows Phone 8.1 operating system that is available for download for developers.  To do this you need to do a few steps.  You have to be a registered phone developer.  If you have an MSDN, DreamSpark, or BizSpark account, then you can get into the program for […]

Using Microsoft Azure on Modern Gaming

Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud system that can be used for many different things.  Azure includes virtual machines, compute workers, blob storage, table storage, SQL database,  .Forza 5 uses Azure for its Drivatar system that takes your driving style and creates a virtual driver that others can play against.  You can win points in the game […]

Unity Offer for Windows 8 and Windows Phone Publishing

Microsoft is bringing Unity developers yet another opportunity to achieve creative success. With a new incentive offer, Microsoft is supporting the creation and launch of the best made-with-Unity games and apps on Windows Phone/Windows Store. The new offer helps to clear the way for talented and committed Unity developers to reach millions of new players […]